Guardians of the Galaxy was an awesome movie. It seemed a little similar to the Avengers though in some areas.

I am very confused as to why people don't like Belgium and Seychelles. Their bother pretty sweet.

-Gets in the way of Spamano, FrUK, and every other yaoi pairing

-Mary Sues


Take your pick.

So wait, does that mean you don't prefer a darker skinned Seychelles? I was just wondering since you made a couple references to it.

I’m just happy to see people drawing her. I love seeing Seychelles fanart, and it’s cool to see the different visions they have from Seychelles. Some see her as dark, others see her tan, and some see her light skinned. It’s all about perspective, and not everyone have the same perspective.

I have no preference of her being a certain skin tone because she’s an African country regardless. It just gets me annoyed that there’s this standard in this fandom that you have been a certain skin tone to be considered African. Do you see how stupid that is? Are we seriously regulating who’s what based on their skin tone? The world does not work that way where certain skin tones belong to certain people. Cultures mix all the time, and someone people don’t look like the typical person of their descent.

For example, let’s take Egypt. Egypt has been mixed with Macedonian and Greek culture, so it would be understandable why he’s not that dark. It’s the same thing with Seychelles. Due to the diversity of cultures in her country, she wouldn’t automatically be dark skinned, or what the fandom defines as dark skinned (which is really freaking racist). Being light skinned does not mean that one is not black, and I wish people (especially in the fandom) would stop making the assumption that she’s not African because she’s light skinned.

I understand that there are tons of cultures in Seychelles, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some Seychellois citizens light skinned, and others dark. it’s all a matter of opinion of what her skin tone will be. Me, I picture her with a skin tone similar to my own, but I’m totally open to see how other people see her.

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If you have a blog that harasses people for drawing something differently by reblogging their art and adding unneeded and hurtful commentary, then you’re a bully. You’re not doing the world a favor. You’re being a huge ass and a bully to people who don’t deserve it.

That's a funny thing that you've mentioned about Gaston. I've met someone that says he hates Gothel from Tangled and The Step mother from Cinderella, because they're bad guys. Yet, he worships Frollo and believes that Gaston didn't deserve to die. He rambled on how the male Disney villains were way better then the female villains. Saying the female villains had the same motivations, while the males had interesting motives.

Are you serious? Did you hit that person for that stupidity.

Frollo’s motivations was because he got a boner for Esmerelda (let’s be real), and to rid the world of evil using his ego and power.

Gaston’s motivations was because he could accept the fact that the woman he wanted to marry didn’t want him, or loved someone else, also using his who and power to do so.

Lady Tremaine’s motivations was that she hated Cinderella. She saw how beautiful and kind she was, and she knew her daughters would get the short end of the stick compared to her.

Gothel’s motivations was because the flower she had been using to keep herself young was used on Rapunzel. Since she couldn’t cut her hair, she had to kidnap her instead.

It seems to me that Frollo and Gaston’s motivations are much similar than Mother Gothel and Lady Tremaine.

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It's really sad that everyone only seems to hate Seychelles being 'whitewashed' like she's the only colored character in the show. Yet, never complains about I don't know, Egypt, Spain, Romano, Turkey and Greece being 'whitewashed'.


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I think that people have a problem with Samus with being a fan service girl for fan boys to draw her in a overly sexualized body. She looks in any outfit, but when she's not in her armor. The fans love drawing her as fan service girl that winks at her enemies in a lustful way. What I'd love to see is Miss Samus wearing a modest dress and enjoying a moment where she can enjoy her feminine side.

There’s always going to be fan service, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Metroid was a game that was mostly advertised for boys in the beginning. That outfit is over a decade old, and it looks like something more practical to fight in. That looks like something a girl would wear at a gym or during kickboxing.

Clothes don’t make the person. Samus is still a badass character who does all the same cool shit she did before. Who the fuck cares that she wears boots, shorts, and bra? A majority of female characters wear fucking dresses (with the exception of the Wii Fit Trainer), and no one whines. No one complains when the female characters of Mortal Kombat were super sexualized in the last game. All the female characters had huge, ridiculous breasts, and had little to no clothing.

It’s stupid as fuck to turn a blind eye to mortal kombat, but complain when someone is wearing something that a woman would wear to a gym. It’s hypocritical.

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As a honest male Disney AND Hetalia fan. I'd like to say when I watched Beauty and the Beast with my younger sister. I've told her to stay away from men like Gaston. My mother dealt with someone like Gaston as picked on her like that. The Disney Princesses and Hetalia girls are all different and unique.

Hell fucking yeah. Hands down agree with this.

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Fucknowhitewashedseychelles reblogged that IndSey picture that was drawn to me as a gift..

I really see people bitching about Zero Suit Samus wearing a sports bra and shorts as an alternate costume, and I’m just like: